Jackie Hutchison, Homewood Health Centre

Mental Health/Addictions/Smoking Cessation: I am the Retail Manager at Homewood Health Centre in Guelph Ontario. We are an inpatient Mental Health and Addictions facility. I run and operate the café and gift shop inside the facility. We have a staff member who teaches sessions on how to quit smoking and she highly recommends your product to her patients. I […]

Alexandra Morton

Improved Focus: I don’t know the proper place to express my gratitude for your products so I’ll do it here. I love Tangle Jrs so much. I use them to help me focus when studying, to keep me entertained in line at the DMV, and during two hour lectures. I really do focus on the […]


Smoking Cessation: We use Tangles to assist our quitters in our Freedom From Smoking program.  People who are former smokers often don’t know what to do with their hands without a cigarette.  Tangles help to distract them from a craving for a cigarette.  I always have Tangles on the table when they first come into […]

Emily Smith

Autism: Dear Sir/Madam, My name is Emily and I have high functioning autism. I was really struggling with stress at school, which lead to me biting and scratching my hands.  It was a really awful time to go through. I saw the Tangle Jr on Amazon and I saw good reviews, so in a flash […]

National Autism Resources

Autism: The Tangle Relax is our favorite fidget. This quiet fidget toy is covered with textured rubber. It keeps fingers active, is quiet, and is very interesting to touch.  This item can break apart and be reconnected.  You can turn it into two mini fidgets or reassemble it into different color combinations. “10 Sensory Toys […]

Office of the Long Term Care Ombudsman

Dementia/Nursing Homes: We represent the Office of the Long Term Care Ombudsman within the State Department on Aging in Connecticut.  The Office of the Long Term Care Ombudsman is charged with protecting and advocating for the care & services and rights of residents in Connecticut nursing facilities.  Over the past few years at a federal […]

Andrea Wood, Stowell Learning Center

Cognitive Therapy/Learning Disabilities: “I work for a learning center that provides one-to-one cognitive therapy to individuals with learning challenges and disabilities. I have ordered a number of your products over the last couple of months, we now have one Tangle for each station in both of our centers (Chino, CA and Irvine, CA).  We find that […]

Marc Landry

Occupational Therapy: “I believe the tangle is my favorite thinking tool, listening tool, and sitting tool for kids on the spectrum, and for all busy kids. Thank you for your customer service. “ cheers, Marc Landry, Occupational Therapist Marc’s Sensory Oasis: www.marclandry.ca  

Lousie Byrne

Education: To the Tangles Team I am so impressed with your products. I am a Resource teacher and am on the look out for products such as these. I work with children with a variety of needs and the tangles would be of great use in my classroom. Kind regards Louise Byrne, Ireland


Workplace Wellness/Anxiety: “I placed a few in our De-Stress Kits that are on each unit. We had a meeting on Friday and I was so tickled to see that almost everyone had one. I pulled mine out first and then everyone else began to pull theirs out and hold it. We felt like we belonged to a secret club. My […]