About Us

The Tangle Therapy program has grown out of 34 years of Tangle innovation, design and efficacy. Originally the Tangle was a sculptural project made by Richard X. Zawitz based upon his studies of infinity found within the Tibetan Knot. These large sculptures begged for interaction and engagement as Zawitz constantly had fans wanting to touch and play with his pieces. This prompted him to create the first hand held manipulative, a Tangle. Since that time their efficacy in helping with numerous therapeutic purposes pushed Tangle Creations to eventually develop and release a strictly therapeutic Tangle Therapy line in 2005 and gain FDA Registration and Endorsement for the product. Since that time Tangle Therapy has been used and praised by countless therapists, medical professionals and loved ones as well as corporate wellness programs for clients such as Comcast/NBC and Google as well as been implemented in both the United Kingdom and Canadian governmental smoking-cessation programs.