Vicki K.

Workplace Wellness/ Occupational Therapy: “I absolutely love the Tangle! Prior to using it, my hands and arms would start to ache after typing for extended periods of time. Thanks to the Tangle, no more pain.”

Nuclear Chz

Anxiety Reduction: “I just wanted to share my experience with your “Therapy Tangle.” I recently had an appointment for root canal. As anyone who has gone through this procedure knows this is a nerve racking experience! As I was leaving my apartment I saw the “Tangle Therapy” on my desk & decided to take it […]


Occupational Therapy: “I am a behavior consultant for our intermediate school district and always bring Tangles with me. Our occupational therapists are especially happy with my passion for Tangles because they are great way to meet the sensory needs of many students without creating classrooms disruptions.”