Brain Tools: My name is Lily-Ann and I’m 11. I really love your products. I even bought my mom one for her birthday! Plus, my friend and I were inspired to create brain bags. (She loves your products too). Brain Bags are little bags I carry that have brain teasers, fidget toys, notebooks, and pens.


Dermatillomania: I am a young woman (aged 20) wishing to purchase some of your fabulous products. I am buying these products for a condition called dermatillomania or Skin Picking Disorder (SPD). The Trichotillomania Learning Centre really encourages Tangles as a therapeutic tool to prevent or control the vicious cycle of picking/pulling in a socially acceptable (and […]


Autism Spectrum: I am a 42 year old who is currently just finding out I have ASD, and my children too are on the spectrum. So a few weeks ago I heard about tangles, and so I got a Tangle to have a go, and now I own 5! I now don’t leave my house […]

Monika van Voskuilen

Brain Tools, ADHD & Autism in School: I am a German teacher in The Netherlands and I work with children who are between 12 and 16 years old. We are a regular public school for children with average (or a little less) IQ, but which are challenged in their behavior or concentration. Some of them […]

Mary Lynn

Smoking Cessation: “I am currently working in a Nicotine Dependence Program helping people quit smoking. I have used stress balls and etc…in my groups…but recently ordered a Fiddle Diddle Box through Trainers Warehouse out of Natick,MA which had the fiddle key chain. My clients have loved them! They are easy to manipulate with one hand […]


Brain Tools in School: “I am a big fan of Tangles! I first discovered a Tangle on Mackinac Island and have kept it on my desk ever since. In fact, I am a behavior consultant for our intermediate school district and now have a collection of Tangles to share everywhere I go. When I provide […]

Mary Beth

Health Care/Physical Therapy: “My former mother-in-law is in the hospital recovering from surgery. I brought her the Therapy Tangle to help her weakened hands. It was a huge hit. She loved it, as did all her nurses who wanted to know where they could buy more. Everyone who saw hers picked it up and played […]

Cathy Adams and Greg Bonogofsky

Occupational Therapy/Anxiety Reduction: “As an occupational therapy tool, Tangle can be used in a broad array of applications by our clients. Tangle helps develop fine motor dexterity and coordination in fingers and hands. It enhances visual motor processing, which helps Tangle users see the effects muscle movements have on objects. Tangle provides pleasing visual and […]

Dr. David S. Parker

Physical Therapy: “I have utilized Tangle Therapy in post-operative hand surgical cases with success and patient satisfaction. I have found Tangle Therapy to be effective both physically and psychologically. It’s really an amazing therapy tool.”


Workplace Wellness/Workplace Efficiency: “I just wanted to thank you for making a great product. I recently started a new job and went through a rigorous two week training session. Since much of the time was spent listening to my supervisors’ instructions, my mind tended to wander. One of my co-workers let me borrow her Tangle […]