Workplace Wellness/Anxiety:

“I placed a few in our De-Stress Kits that are on each unit. We had a meeting on Friday and I was so tickled to see that almost everyone had one. I pulled mine out first and then everyone else began to pull theirs out and hold it. We felt like we belonged to a secret club.

My manager texted me the day I brought them to the units and stated “Can I just say I love this weird orange wormy toy?!?!” I had sent an e-mail about Tangles after I placed them in the boxes.

I, personally, have found that using the Tangle in a meeting has helped me focus on what is being said. Usually, I am doodling or spacing out, but the past two meeting that I have been to with a Tangle in hand, I have noticed more retention on what is being talked about as well as me being more vocal and adding to the conversation.

A few other nurses have mentioned that they love the Tangle. Just mindlessly “playing” during downtime helps to decompress. Today, when I came our charge nurse stated that it wasn’t helping. She had a very stressful day, I told her that per the website it is only to be used for mild stress.”