Summer, Road Trips & Finding Peace


Summer is almost here and with it the freedom from school’s Monday through Friday routine. Many people use this break in scheduling to travel, visit family or friends and enjoy a little more down time together. But how do you handle children’s impatience in the car, traffic stress and even elder’s travel difficulties?

Bernice playing with a Tangle

Tangle is for all ages

Last year I received a call from an elderly man who has been his wife’s sole caretaker for the past twenty years. He proudly explained how he drives her everywhere himself. She has dementia as well as other health concerns and driving can be scary and disorienting for her. He explained that she will not ever leave the house without her Tangle which she holds and plays with during every drive to calm herself. Speaking with this gentleman, I was struck by how such a seemingly simple item as a Tangle can really contribute to such a difference in quality of life.

We actually hear from all sorts of people around the world using Tangle to soothe car stress. School districts use Tangle on the bus to help soothe children for whom transitions can be difficult. Many parents keep Tangles in their car for children to play with during car rides.

Still from ABC Taxikeurmerk Advies & Training video

Last year a taxi training service in the Netherlands even integrated Tangle into their training program to help with the patience and calm demeanor needed to be a successful and safe taxi driver. This program is called “Tangle in de Taxi.”

So no matter where you’re heading or how you’re getting there this summer, consider adding the calming powers of Tangle to your car routine. Research has shown (Kercood, 2012) that when children both with and without attention difficulties are allowed to engage in motor activities, their listening comprehension improved. So maybe your passengers will even hear you more when in the backseat and playing with a Tangle. You never know . .

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