Mental Health/Addictions/Smoking Cessation: I am the Retail Manager at Homewood Health Centre in Guelph Ontario. We are an inpatient Mental Health and Addictions facility.

I run and operate the café and gift shop inside the facility. We have a staff member who teaches sessions on how to quit smoking and she highly recommends your product to her patients. I said I would be more than happy to have a variety of your products on hand in the gift shop for them to purchase 

Thank you for the quick delivery and supporting materials!

Alexandra Morton, Berlin

Improved Focus: I don’t know the proper place to express my gratitude for your products so I’ll do it here. I love Tangle Jrs so much. I use them to help me focus when studying, to keep me entertained in line at the DMV, and during two hour lectures. I really do focus on the task at hand when I can twist a Tangle between my fingers. I only wish I had discovered Tangles before I was seventeen.

Beyond the utility of these toys, the price makes them easily affordable. When one becomes too loose, I do not feel bad for buying more, and they make fantastic and affordable gifts.

I am so glad that you guys are still providing these awesome toys.


Smoking Cessation: We use Tangles to assist our quitters in our Freedom From Smoking program.  People who are former smokers often don’t know what to do with their hands without a cigarette.  Tangles help to distract them from a craving for a cigarette.  I always have Tangles on the table when they first come into class because that is when they are most anxious about quitting and Tangles helps to relieve them of their nervous energy.

I also give Tangles as a training gift for health care providers when I train them in how to perform a brief intervention for tobacco use.  I explain what an important tool Tangles can be in helping their patients who smoke to make a quit attempt.  

Thank you for this fun and useful product.

Emily Smith

Autism: My name is Emily and I have high functioning autism. I was really struggling with stress at school, which lead to me biting and scratching my hands. 

It was a really awful time to go through. I saw the Tangle Jr on Amazon and I saw good reviews, so in a flash decision, I bought one. This was the best decision I have ever made. Now, when I am stressed and upset or having a meltdown, I fiddle with this. It calms me down and distracts me from hurting myself.

I have recommended your product to everyone with Autism and various other special needs that I know.

So, thank you very much.

The Tangle Relax is our favorite fidget. This quiet fidget toy is covered with textured rubber. It keeps fingers active, is quiet, and is very interesting to touch.  This item can break apart and be reconnected.  You can turn it into two mini fidgets or reassemble it into different color combinations.

Dementia/Nursing Homes: We represent the Office of the Long Term Care Ombudsman within the State Department on Aging in Connecticut.  The Office of the Long Term Care Ombudsman is charged with protecting and advocating for the care & services and rights of residents in Connecticut nursing facilities.  Over the past few years at a federal level there has been an initiative to decrease the use of antipsychotic medications used in nursing homes.  It was identified that many of these medications were being used to manage behaviors among residents with a diagnosis of dementia.  As medications were being reviewed and decreased, nursing facilities have been looking for alternative strategies to manage what they have identified as behaviors.

Our office celebrates our nursing home residents each year in October, during National Nursing Home week and holds a state wide conference for the residents that are leaders within their communities.  This year our focus is on the national initiative to decrease antipsychotic medications in nursing homes and alternative and innovative programs designed to manage identified behaviors in a more holistic way.  We will highlight programs such as music therapy, interactive computer programming, horticulture therapy, aroma therapy etc. as alternatives.  We will be providing each resident that attends the conference with a Tangle to be used for his or her own relaxation purpose.

Cognitive Therapy/Learning Disabilities: “I work for a learning center that provides one-to-one cognitive therapy to individuals with learning challenges and disabilities. I have ordered a number of your products over the last couple of months, we now have one Tangle for each station in both of our centers (Chino, CA and Irvine, CA).  We find that many of our students enjoy your product so much that they now ask for it at the beginning of their session.  In turn many of the parents have made their own purchases.

Our owner and director Jill Stowell is hosting a Simulation for the community that helps them gain greater understanding and compassion for students who struggle with attention, auditory, and learning challenges.  She is going to provide the attendees with a bag which will include her book At Wit’s End: A Parent’s Guide to Ending the Struggle, Tears and Turmoil of Learning Disabilities, some other pieces of literature, and Jill would very much like to include a Tangle Relax Therapy in each bag.”

Marc Landry

Occupational Therapy: I believe the tangle is my favorite thinking tool, listening tool, and sitting tool for kids on the spectrum, and for all busy kids. Thank you for your customer service. 

Louisie Bryne, Ireland

Education: I am so impressed with your products. I am a Resource teacher and am on the look out for products such as these. I work with children with a variety of needs and the tangles would be of great use in my classroom.

Atienne, Nurse

Workplace Wellness/Anxiety: I placed a few in our De-Stress Kits that are on each unit. We had a meeting on Friday and I was so tickled to see that almost everyone had one. I pulled mine out first and then everyone else began to pull theirs out and hold it. We felt like we belonged to a secret club.

My manager texted me the day I brought them to the units and stated “Can I just say I love this weird orange wormy toy?!?!” I had sent an e-mail about Tangles after I placed them in the boxes.

I, personally, have found that using the Tangle in a meeting has helped me focus on what is being said. Usually, I am doodling or spacing out, but the past two meeting that I have been to with a Tangle in hand, I have noticed more retention on what is being talked about as well as me being more vocal and adding to the conversation.

A few other nurses have mentioned that they love the Tangle. Just mindlessly “playing” during downtime helps to decompress. Today, when I came our charge nurse stated that it wasn’t helping. She had a very stressful day, I told her that per the website it is only to be used for mild stress.


Brain Tools: My name is Lily-Ann and I’m 11. I really love your products. I even bought my mom one for her birthday! Plus, my friend and I were inspired to create brain bags. (She loves your products too). Brain Bags are little bags I carry that have brain teasers, fidget toys, notebooks, and pens.

Dermatillomania: I am a young woman (aged 20) wishing to purchase some of your fabulous products. I am buying these products for a condition called dermatillomania or Skin Picking Disorder (SPD). The Trichotillomania Learning Centre really encourages Tangles as a therapeutic tool to prevent or control the vicious cycle of picking/pulling in a socially acceptable (and fun!) way. I have several friends who swear by them, including a very popular YouTube vlogger called Rebecca Brown.


Autism Spectrum: I am a 42 year old who is currently just finding out I have ASD, and my children too are on the spectrum. So a few weeks ago I heard about tangles, and so I got a Tangle to have a go, and now I own 5!

I now don’t leave my house without one, as they really help with my fidgeting and calming my anxieties.

Thank you so much for these simple yet very helpful toys!

Brain Tools, ADHD & Autism in School: I am a German teacher in The Netherlands and I work with children who are between 12 and 16 years old. We are a regular public school for children with average (or a little less) IQ, but which are challenged in their behavior or concentration. Some of them have diagnoses (ADHD, Autism . . .) but the majority don’t (yet).

However, these are children who are very creative, energetic, honest and they speak their minds…. I just love to work with them. Since I’m a German and economics teacher, I obviously have to give them proper instruction and therefore need them to be concentrated.

What happens is, that children who lack concentration, will start to tick with their pens, try to contact the others around them, wiggle on their chair….. you get the picture. But as soon as they get their ‘extra energy tangled’ they can pay attention again.

I asked a couple of them recently, what the Tangle does for them and all of the children tell me the same: Instead of making any noise with pens or using the extra energy in a negative way, the Tangle helps them to keep their hands busy and their minds focused.

It was unbelievable how precise they were able to put their experience in words. A couple of the children also bought one for their little siblings, because they seem to know, that they struggle with the same problem.

Mary Lynn

Smoking Cessation: I am currently working in a Nicotine Dependence Program helping people quit smoking. I have used stress balls and etc…in my groups…but recently ordered a Fiddle Diddle Box through Trainers Warehouse out of Natick,MA which had the fiddle key chain. My clients have loved them! They are easy to manipulate with one hand and believe it or not have helped in the recovery process from those who are quitting smoking. Some of the behaviors of handling the cigarettes are some of the toughest obstacles to overcome and manipulating the fiddle product has seriously helped. They like the small version which can be manipulated with one hand. I am surprised at how taken everyone is with them! … My clients love them!


Brain Tools in School: I am a big fan of Tangles! I first discovered a Tangle on Mackinac Island and have kept it on my desk ever since. In fact, I am a behavior consultant for our intermediate school district and now have a collection of Tangles to share everywhere I go.

When I provide training for teachers and other school staff, I am always sure to have Tangles on the table as “fidgets” and frequently end up giving them away since no one wants to give them back and I can’t help but want to share the fun!

I keep a supply of Tangle Jrs handy wherever I go and love to give them to students, staff, and parents. Thank you for creating such a fun, therapeutic toy to share! If I continue to be so generous with Tangles, I think I may need to beg for our administration to find a place for them in our budget!

Mary Beth

Health Care/Physical Therapy: My former mother-in-law is in the hospital recovering from surgery. I brought her the Therapy Tangle to help her weakened hands. It was a huge hit. She loved it, as did all her nurses who wanted to know where they could buy more. Everyone who saw hers picked it up and played and commented on how “cool” it was. (Of course you are used to this reaction . . .) The Therapy Tangle is just the thing! Fun, healthful and quite the conversation piece, besides!

Cathy Adams and Greg Bonogofsky

Occupational Therapy/Anxiety Reduction: As an occupational therapy tool, Tangle can be used in a broad array of applications by our clients. Tangle helps develop fine motor dexterity and coordination in fingers and hands. It enhances visual motor processing, which helps Tangle users see the effects muscle movements have on objects. Tangle provides pleasing visual and tactile stimulation. It also serves as a wonderful outlet for frustration and anxiety and helps clients focus their attention.

Dr. David S. Parker

Physical Therapy: I have utilized Tangle Therapy in post-operative hand surgical cases with success and patient satisfaction. I have found Tangle Therapy to be effective both physically and psychologically. It’s really an amazing therapy tool.


Workplace Wellness/Workplace Efficiency: I just wanted to thank you for making a great product. I recently started a new job and went through a rigorous two week training session. Since much of the time was spent listening to my supervisors’ instructions, my mind tended to wander. One of my co-workers let me borrow her Tangle Toy one day and I found that while playing with the toy in my hands, I was able to fully concentrate on the information that was being presented. I now feel confident at work that I will be very successful at my job! Thank you Tangle Toys!!!!

Vicki K.

Workplace Wellness/ Occupational Therapy: I absolutely love the Tangle! Prior to using it, my hands and arms would start to ache after typing for extended periods of time. Thanks to the Tangle, no more pain.

Nuclear Chz

Anxiety Reduction: I just wanted to share my experience with your “Therapy Tangle.” I recently had an appointment for root canal. As anyone who has gone through this procedure knows this is a nerve racking experience! As I was leaving my apartment I saw the “Tangle Therapy” on my desk & decided to take it to my dental appointment. As I was sitting in the dentist chair I placed a Tangle Jr. on the dental tray & told the dentist this would bring me good energy for the procedure! I also showed him the “Therapy Tangle” & told him it was a stress reliever & it would help me get through the hour long root canal. I held onto the “Therapy Tangle” for the entire procedure & to my surprise I had no anxiety & actually fell asleep in the dental chair!! Thank you for inventing a product that really does reduce stress & anxiety situations. You have a very creative company.


Occupational Therapy: I am a behavior consultant for our intermediate school district and always bring Tangles with me. Our occupational therapists are especially happy with my passion for Tangles because they are great way to meet the sensory needs of many students without creating classrooms disruptions.

Meredith H.

Wellness: Tangles are great for hand and mind wellness as well as fine motor skills development.